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Digital and Analogue AC/DC Tig Aluminium Welders
All Magnum AC/DC Tig/Arc Aluminium Welders are top quality Industrial Inverter Square Wave Welders.  They have a large control panel for easy to read adjustment, Pulse Tig,  AC/DC,  Arc & Aluminium welding functions. All are generator safe and have 2 year warranty on parts and labour.
Mini Tig200E AC/DC 200amp Digital Welders
Mini Tig200E AC/DC 200amp Digital Welders
Australia's 1st Mini ACDC Welder
Digital Programming
Digital Programming
Tig Torch - up/down slope
Tig Torch - up/down slope

Mini Digital Tig200E AC/DC Pulse Tig, Arc, Aluminium 200amp welder $1,490
Model # T-AC200E
As far as we can see this is the smallest, lightest Digital AC/DC Tig in Australia!
Weighing in at only 7kgs the previous equivalent is 35kgs. Super small and extremely light Graeme has been testing this new AC/DC for the last 6 months and has given it his 100% happy tick of approval. This unit is made for Magnum Welders and is comparable in quality and performance to any larger European welder. It adopts the latest Pulse Width modulation (PWM) and IGBT Inverter technology which replaces heavy transformer technology. Thus it is characterized with a portable size, light weight and low power consumption.
The parameters of the Digital TIG200E AC/DC on the front panel can all be adjusted continuously and steplessly via one dial, such as start current, crater arc current, welding current, base current, duty ratio, upslope/downslope time, pre/post-gas, pulse frequency, AC frequency, balance, hot start, arc force and arc length. When welding, it takes high frequency and high voltage for arc igniting to ensure the success ratio of igniting arc.
  • 2T/4T exchange function
  • DC function for mild steel, stainless steel, cooper, chrome moly and non-ferrous metal materials
  • AC function for welding aluminium and aluminium alloy materials
  • Digital LCD display to show your current output precisely
What you get:
  • Digital Tig200E AC/DC 200amp Pulse Tig/Arc Aluminium Welder
  • Remote Control up/down Tig Torch with flexi neck and 6m lead (no foot control required)
  • Electrode Holder 3m lead
  • Earth Clamp 3m Lead
  • Gas Hose 4m

Analogue AC/DC Tig Aluminium Welders
Tig200P AC/DC Pulse Tig-Arc-Aluminium 200amp Welder with Trafimet Amp Control Tig Torch $1,250
Model # T-AC200P
This is a high quality Magnum Tig200P AC/DC Pulse Tig/Arc/Aluminium 200amp welder now with Euro style Flexi/swivel head Tig torch with amp control handle or foot control. This unit is made for Magnum Welders and is comparable in performance and quality to any European welder. It has Double Square Wave Inverter Technology: Toshiba Mosfets are used to improve power efficiency and produce a pure square wave which results in straight arc and a total power exchange rate of over 85% Stable Arc and Beautiful Welding surface for super smooth operation.
Immediate starting due to its high open voltage. DC function enables welding of mild steel, stainless steel, cooper, chrome moly and non-ferrous metal materials, while AC function enables welding aluminium & aluminium alloy materials. Digital LCD display to show your current output precisely.
High duty cycle 60% @ 200A, 100% @ 154A  *TIG200P is a Pulse TIG not a Plasma cutter.
This is the latest revision for Magnum Welders: greater stability, reliability and durability.
Tough & Durable, strong metal constructed casing with rolled corners for added strength and two sturdy lifting handles.
  • Generator safe & suitable for onsite work.
  • Built-In Thermal & Overload Protection.
  • 2 High speed cooling fan for long duty operation.
What you get:
  • Magnum 200amp AC/DC Pulse Tig/Arc/Aluminium Welder
  • Euro style Flexi head Tig torch with Amp Control Handle 4m lead
  • Regular WP26 Flexi head Tig Torch 4m lead (with foot control & Amp control models)
  • Electrode holder with 3m welding cable
  • Earth clamp with 3m cable
  • Tig accessories-gas shield cups, collets, short back & long back
  • Australian Standard 15A Power Plug fitted
Tig200P AC/DC Pulse Tig-Arc-Aluminium 200amp Welder with Foot Control $1,150
Model # T-AC200P
This is exactly the same welder as listed above only it comes with a standard Tig Torch and Foot Control.
Accessories Available:
Tig Torch WP26 Euro Style Flexi head 8 metres $150
Argon Regulator with vertical bottle fitting  $70
Right Angle for Regulator  $40
Tungsten Tips Thoriated (Red-stainless steel) Pkt 10  $40
Tungsten Tips Zirconiated (White-Aluminium) Pkt 10  $40
Water Cooler 7 Litre $650
Model # WC7
Magnum water cooler for Tig Welding. Features a flat folding handle for easy portability, convenient screw on fill cap, bottom drain & clearly marked water in & out lines.          
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