CT416 3in1 Tig/Arc/Plasma Cutter and Welder

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Magnum Welders Pty Ltd are the Professionals in Welders and Plasma Cutters.

We specialise ONLY in welders and plasma cutters and source the most reliable and best quality available.


Magnum Welders CT416 3in1 Tig/Arc/Plasma Cutter and Welder

Ideal for Farmers, the Home Workshop and Trades people. Simple and easy to use, very portable.

Generator safe and suitable for on-site work.

This high quality 3in1 Tig/Arc/Plasma Cutter unit comes with 3 way gas timer and NEW Euro style Flexi/swivel head Tig torch. It has high frequency start in Tig mode, (simply press button on torch to throw a HF spark to the job, no need to contact tip on the job) This welder will weld mild steel, stainless steel, titanium and copper from 1mm-12mm (not Aluminium). No more need for those expensive oxy bottles. It has a high speed turbo fan to keep things cool and a huge 60% duty cycle @160amps. (Will NOT weld aluminium as AC current required)

Comes with a 15amp plug fitted, simply plug in turn on and weld away.

Plasma will cut 1mm-12mm mild steel, 10mm stainless steel, titanium, copper and 6-8mm aluminium.


  • Advanced inverter technology, reduced size and weight, easy to carry.
  • Three functions in one machine, TIG welding, MMA (Arc) welding and Air Plasma cutting.
  • 20-40   Amp Plasma cutter
  • 15-150 Amp MMA/Arc/Stick welder
  • 15-160 Amp TIG welder

What you get:

  • Magnum CT416 3 in 1 welder
  • Euro style Flexi/swivel head Tig torch 4m lead
  • Plasma torch with 5 metre lead
  • Electrode holder 3 metre
  • Earth lead and clamp 3 metre
  • Spare Tig consumables
  • Spare PT31 Plasma Consumables * Valued $85
  • Air Regulator and Air Hose with fittings   
  • Instruction manual 

* 10x Short Tips, 10x Electrodes, 10x Extended Tips,

   10x Extended Electrodes, 5x Shrouds, 5x Gas rings.



Input Voltage               AC220±15% 50-60

Input Power                 6.3kva

Rated Output Current   Tig 160A, Arc 150A, Plasma 40Amp

No Load Loss               40

Current Range              Tig 15-160A, Arc 15-150A, Plasma 20-40A

Duty Cycle                    60%

No Load Voltage           Tig 62V, Arc 62V, Plasma 250V

Power Factor                0.93                                                         

Working Voltage           Tig 16.5V, Arc 26V, Plasma 120V                                                      

Efficiency                     85                                                           

Insulation Class            B                                                           

Air Pressure                 Plasma 40-50psi                                                 

Protection Class           IP21

Gas Flow                      Tig 2-5L/min, Plasma 80L/min

Weight                         13kg

Cut Thickness              Plasma 1-12mm Mild Steel

Unit Size                       425x205x355mm

Arc-Leading                  Tig HF Vibrate, Arc Touch, Plasma HF Touch

Extras available:

PT31 Plasma Consumables Kit = 10x Tips, 10x Electrodes, 5x Shroud Cups, 5x Gas Rings $40

PT31 Tips $2 each / Electrodes $2 each / Shroud $1 each / Diffuser 50c each

PT31 Plasma Torch $80

Tanjant Roller Guide $45 / Tanjant Circle Guide $80 / Tanjant Complete Kit $210

Argon Regulator $70 / Angle Adapter $40

Tungsten Tips - Thoriated Pkt 10 $40

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