Mig250/Arc/DC Lift Tig 250amp Welder

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Magnum Welders Pty Ltd are the Professionals in Welders and Plasma Cutters.

We specialise ONLY in welders and plasma cutters and source the most reliable and best quality available.


Magnum Welders Mig250/Arc/DC Lift Tig 250amp Welder


This Mig250 is a professional 250Amp IGBT inverter MIG welder which is generator safe and ideal for on-site work. It is comparable in performance and quality to any European welder, a great multifunction Mig, Tig & Arc Welder. Simple and easy to use, portable, and a serious heavy duty Mig welder with a huge duty cycle. High quality components are used throughout. In most cases this welder is the same weight as a copper coil remote wire feed unit alone. Current-type control quality is reliable, closed circuit feedback constant voltage output. Welding performance is stable, little spatter, deep welding pool, welding bead is excellent. This welder has 250amps maximum output and will weld from 0.8mm to 16mm mild steel plate and above with ease.



(Includes FREE Knurled wire roller 0.9-1.2mm valued at $40)


  • Mig mode welds mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Arc welds mild steel, stainless steel and cast iron.
  • Tig welds mild steel, stainless steel, titanium, copper & chrome moly
  • High quality Binzel gun with 4 metre lead
  • Heavy duty earth lead and clamp
  • Accommodates 15kg/300mm or 5kg/200mm wire rolls
  • Gassed wire only, auto gas solenoid
  • Heavy duty geared wire feed rollers
  • 25kgs lightweight and portable 
  • Digital Amp & Voltage readout
  • IGTB inverter technology
  • Burnback control
  • 2T/4T torch latching control

What you get:

  • Magnum Mig/Arc/DC Tig 250amp Mig Welder
  • Binzel 24 series Mig torch with 4m lead
  • Electrode holder 3m
  • Heavy duty earth lead 3m and clamp
  • Gas hose, 6 x FREE Mig Torch Nozzles
  • ‘V’ wire roller 0.9-1.2mm fitted
  • ‘V’ wire roller 1.2-1.6mm included
  • Instruction manual


Frequency input power voltage (v/hz) Ac220 +-15% 50/60 

Rate input power capacity           8.4kva

Input current                            15amp

Rated output current                  250amp

Rated output voltage                  24v

Output current range                  Mig 50-250amps, Arc/Tig 10-220amps

Output voltage range                 15-26v

Duty cycle                                60% @ 250amps, 100% @ 194amps

Power factor                             0.85

Insulation class                         F

Protection class of case              ip21                                                

Feeding speed (metres/min)        0-10                                               

Diameter of coil                         200mm–300mm                               

Diameter of wire                        0.8-1.2                                       

Weight                                     25kg                                              

Overall dimension                      530x270x440mm                             

Efficiency                                 85%


‘U’ wire roller for aluminium 0.9-1.2mm    $40       Thoriated Tungstens       $40

Teflon Liner 4m                                    $30       Tig Torch 4m                 $100

‘V’ wire roller 0.9-1.2mm                       $40       Regulator                      $70

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