Graeme and Helen have a 100% positive feedback from over 10,000 sales in the past 12 years because they value good old customer service. Graeme takes pride in the products he sells and is determined that you get the best quality welder or plasma cutter he can source. He travels regularly to China to discuss new products and innovations with the manufacturers and to ensure he is up to date with new trends.

G’day Mate, I just came across this Tig AC/DC listing on eBay by chance, as I am not looking for another TIG. But what I wanted to say was I bought my TIG off you roughly 6 or 7 years ago, it looks almost the same as this one. All I wanted to say was it has worked flawlessly from day 1. It has NEVER missed a beat and has never let me down. I just thought I would tell you that. Feel free to share my experience with your prospective customers.
Cheers and have a great day, Matt 

Dear Helen & Graeme, I received my Arc250 on Wednesday after ordering it Monday afternoon, so firstly, thanks for the very prompt delivery. I'm extremely happy with the performance of the welder, it's ease of adjustment and the smooth bead it runs on any size rod. The leads supplied with it are very heavy duty which is great to see. As a home handyman I need versatility in a welder and this definitely meets that requirement. I joined a couple of 1.5mm strips of metal with a 2mm rod, then used a 4mm rod on a couple of bits of 10mm plate. Very happy with both results. One of the main reasons for purchasing your welder is the backup you provide, which gives me great confidence in the product. Thanks for a great product, excellent communications and terrific service. Kind regards, Bill - Wodonga. VIC.

I very rarely recommend a product or service, however I feel this is one of the exceptional time. Around three years ago I decided to take the plunge and update my welding equipment and in the never ending pursuit to evade the costs of bottle rental I included a Plasma cutter. After much trolling around welding suppliers and tool suppliers, I started to look at Ebay, finally settling on Magnum Welders located in Cobden Victoria. At least I was able to ring and talk to someone who knew what they were talking about, which is rare even in so called specialist stores these days. I finally settled on a 200amp Mig and a 60amp Plasma cutter, I purchased the larger plasma as I always believe in having something in reserve and the extra cutting capacity appealed also. Over the years both machines performed extremely well, mostly in bursts of heavy use and then long rest periods as I only use it for hobby stuff, but working things hard when needed. Just recently my trusty Plasma developed what appeared to be a simple fault, I had air flow and power as soon as the main switch was turned on, after various testing it proved not to be so simple, so being of Chinese origin I expected the worst (no parts and no service) well I was wrong! On ringing Graeme at Magnum Welders I could instantly hear the wheels turning, finally alighting on the probable cause and yes he had the circuit board in stock, two days and a few dollars later I had what was thought to be the offending part, however after fitting no luck. Graeme was quite happy for me to return the board and he would send the next suspect, but I decided although a longish drive it may be easier to take it to Cobden instead, where Graeme had all the parts on hand. Less than an hour later it was repaired and tested, being a part neither of us suspected. A long drive for a very rewarding experience. RayB http://www.woodworkforums.com/f160/very-pleasing-experience-171085/

Hi Helen & Graeme, I paid for the machine Monday morning and it arrived here in Brisbane before lunch Wednesday – excellent, that’s quick and great service, thank you. I have just done some test welds with gasless mig and burned a couple of low hydrogen rods. The machine seems to perform very well, (I’m boilermaker with 30 years welding experience) the real test will come when I take it out on the next job – I build cattle yards out west Qld. The photos and your description on how to set the machine up for the various welding processes is fantastic, very easy to understand and follow - no time wasted to try and figure it out, I much appreciated that. The machine and your description of it and your delivery time has been has been exactly what you said - unlike some other sellers at ebay that promise you all sorts of things but they don’t deliver on time and their product is not all that it’s claimed to be (often disappointing) which unfortunately makes one a bit skeptical and worried about making a purchase on ebay. I would rate you as a top seller. Dennis Rasmussen, Qld

The level of service at Magnum Welders is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of Graeme and Helen. Thank you! Darren M

Hi Helen, my hubby told me to tell you that it is the best little welder he ever used. He’s been a professional fisherman for over 20 years (I’ve seen him up the mast numerous times lugging a thumping welder on a pulley) and now we are on the farm. Its super quiet and melts the rods beautifully - he’s absolutely wrapped in it. He’s been in the shed since I brought it home, thank you again - Kerry, Tas

Hi Helen & Graeme, I received the welder and regulator today. Thanks very much. I had a quick test run this afternoon and I have to say it far exceeds my expectations. As I use fairly fine wire and sometimes different combinations of diameters, the welding has been a bit difficult at times. I just tried TIG welding all different diameters etc and its fantastic. The control it gives me is perfect and the HF start makes it very easy. The only downside I have seen so far is that it’s too much fun to use. And the fact that I have just about cut everything in sight testing the plasma. Awesome machine, especially for the price. I shall definitely recommend this product. Thanks again Pat O'Connell

Gold. Eats 4mm rods like bowls of coco pops, 10/10 thanks! Buyer: ace...!!!

Magnum Arc 250 DC MMA Arc/Tig Inverter IGBT Welder

I am a welder by trade, very good machine! Buyer: tuggaj

Magnum 200amp AC/DC Pulse Tig MMA-Arc Aluminium Welder

This seller is no.1 he sold me a plasma cutter that is worth it weight in gold Buyer: 908brusha

Magnum Cut50CP IGBT Plasma Cutter 50amp w Pilot Arc Torch

Brilliant seller, and the welder is great, also great back up service too!!!! Buyer: rev107

Magnum Mig, Arc & scratch Tig 200amp Welder

Good Plasma Cutter AAAAA+ Fast Shipping Excellent Service Buyer: pahpahx

Magnum Cut50CP IGBT Plasma Cutter 50amp w Pilot Arc Torch

Great seller, fast postage, would highly recommend, Triple A Plus rating!! Buyer: archangel1966

Magnum Cut50CP IGBT Plasma Cutter 50amp w Pilot Arc Torch

Awesome to deal with, Highly recommended, Super quick postage, A+ Buyer: naishy220

Mini Magnum Arc200 DC MMA Arc Inverter (IGBT) Welder

Excellent, as described and on time Buyer: dec-alpha

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet for Mig Tig & Arc Welders 

A1 service and product Buyer: shaunmcquienn

Mini Magnum Arc200 DC MMA Arc Inverter (IGBT) Welder

Works really well very happy thanks Buyer: waynesjd

Magnum Mig, Arc & scratch Tig 200amp Welder

Speedy postage, thanks very much will be back! Buyer: jabsterx

Tig Welder Torch Euro style Flexi/Swivel Head WP26 4m

Great communication and fast delivery.. Buyer: 67monkies

Magnum Tig Arc Plasma Cutter 160 amp 3-1 Welder

Very helpfull, very quick .. thanks Buyer: premeh

Magnum Mig200 Inverter Mig, Tig, Arc Welder Gas-Gasless

Arrived promptly, very handy little welder. Buyer: hw_hack

Mini Magnum Arc200 DC MMA Arc Inverter (IGBT) Welder