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Magnum Welders Pty Ltd are the Professionals in welders and plasma cutters.
We specialise ONLY in Magnum welders and plasma cutters and source the
most reliable and best quality available


The TIG200L PRO is a LCD screen AC/DC TIG Welder. With minimalist style screen and control system it shows everything
you need, no matter your welding skill level. The new function Synergy* allows you weld like a PRO. Six wave form options
on AC mode, LCD panel or remote control method. Controllable parameters include pre-gas time, post-gas time, start
current, up slope and down slope time, end current level etc. It ensures you can reach welding perfection. The TIG200L
AC/DC is an Ideal machine for DIY, automotive, industrial and general fabrication, repair and maintenance. This is a must
have, perfect for the PRO welder or beginners alike.


Boosted & Built Garage


  • Multifunction HF Tig AC/DC Pulse and Arc welder
  • Infineon IGBT technology delivering the best durability and the best welding experience
  • AC/DC mode options
  • 6 AC wave form selections provide different welding performances for thin plate or deep penetration
  • Panel or remote control methods
  • Patented control system, alternative user interface with multilingual versions
  • Synergy* function, high frequency AC/DC TIG, lift TIG and MMA
  • 3 step Synergy* function, easy for beginner welders
  • Using IGBT tube from Infineon Germany, which provides stable and durable performance
  • Full colour LCD screen with easy navigation
  • 6 AC wave forms, provide different welding performances for thin plate or deep penetration
  • Auto fan, only activated when welding
  • Remote control function with standard remote torch
  • Ability to have up to 18 saved memory settings
  • MMA mode: hot start, arc force and current adjustments, VRD functions available
  • DC HF-TIG mode: start current, up-slope, peak current,Pulse, pulse duty, pulse frequency, base current, down slope, crater current, post gas all adjustable.
  • AC TIG mode: AC balance, AC frequency, AC wave x 6, Start current,up-slope, peak current, pulse duty,pulse frequency,base current,down slope,crater current, post gas all adjustable.
  • Auto overheat, over current protection
  • Independent air flow design to protect important components from metal and dust particles


Input power voltage (v/hz) Ac240 +-15% Single Phase
Rate input power capacity 9.6kva
Input current - 15amp
Rated output current - 200amp
Rated output voltage - 24v
Output current range - Tig 10-200amps, Arc 30-200amps
Duty cycle - 25°C - 60%@200Amps, 40°C - 40%@200Amps
Output voltage range - 11-26v
Power factor - 0.85
Insulation class - F
Protection class of case - ip21
Weight – 15kg
Overall welder dimension - 460x220x375mm


• Magnum Tig200L Pro AC/DC, Pulse, 200amp Welder
• WP26 TIG remote flexible head torch 6 metres
• Earth Clamp 3 metres
• Electrode Holder 4 metres
• Tig Accessories - collets (2), tips (2), short back and tungsten
• Gas Hose 3 metres & Hose Clamp (2 pcs)
• Instruction manual


You can select the material, thickness, then you can start your welding, the machine will recommend the welding current for you. You can also adjust them manually yourself  according to your welding needs.


2 Years Parts and Labour


Regulator $70
Regulator Angle Adapter $40
Thoriated Tungsten Tips Pkt 10  $40
Zirconiated Tungsten Tips Pkt 10  $40
Foot Control Pedal $120

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